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Selecting a Chemco Powder Cartridge Filter — Features and Benefits

PTFE (PT) membrane cartridges

Chemco’s top of the line PTFE-laminated Powder Cartridges offer the best filtration technology money can buy. Our expanded PTFE (PT) is laminated over a 100% spun-bond polyester substrate which provides lower surface resistance and better release properties than any other filter in the powder market today. Its slick and microporous surface offers 100% efficiency at 1 micron and above, does not require seasoning, and is the optimum choice for ultra-fines, high moisture or humid environments. The PTFE membrane is the favorite choice of the automotive and appliance industries where nothing but the finest quality finish will do.

Nanofiber (NP) cartridges

Chemco's new "NanoWeb" (NP) cartridge filter technology offers 0.3 to 0.5 micron nanofibers, setting a new standard in fractional efficiency and extended service life for cartridge filtration. Offering near PTFE-membrane performance characteristics at only one-third the cost, Chemco’s Nano-Web powder cartridge filters are the ideal choice for powder reclaim operations. Nanofiber filtration would also be beneficial for powder coaters where heavy dust loading or finer micron-sized powder can lead to cartridge blinding and shorter service life (i.e., users spraying black-colored powder or powder-coating operations equipped with combination cyclone/cartridge-style collection systems).

Chemco's NanoWeb-coated filter media—our latest innovation in cartridge filter technology — offers significantly greater fractional efficiency, extended filter life and longer maintenance service intervals than do untreated substrates. And when compared to the more fragile nanofibers that some manufacturers are still producing using an electrospinning process, Chemco's “new and improved “NanoWeb fibers are stronger and more durable, allowing it to withstand more stringent pulse-cleaning conditions. 

Spun-bond polyester (KC) cartridges with dual-dimple pleating

Chemco is one of the few manufacturers in today’s cartridge filter market that offer 100% spun-bond polyester media with the advanced “dual-dimple” pleat design. This superior pleating technology substantially improves the overall performance and service life of this “surface-loading” filter media. By imparting the dual (opposing) dimples down the length of each individual pleat, uniform pleat spacing and full utilization of filter surface area is guaranteed. The result is optimal cleaning capability during back purging cycles and lower pressure drop. Our spun-bond polyester (KC) cartridges can be pulsed cleaned at lower PSI, saving on compressed air and energy costs. And since this media does not lint, it is the ideal choice for powder reclaim systems or heavy powder applications.

Hydro/Oleo-phobic polyester (KW)moisture-resistant cartridges

Chemco’s hydro/oleo-phobic spunbond polyester media (KW) is treated with a fluorocarbon bath that provides an oil and water repellant to both the inside and outside surface of the media. This moisture-resistant version of our dimpled, 100% spun-bond polyester media protects against humid ambient air commonly found in uncontrolled plant areas, powder that has not been sufficiently conditioned prior to fluidizing, as well as any oil or moisture contamination issues with compressed air.

Aluminized polyester (KL) anti-static cartridges

Chemco’s aluminized polyester spun-bond polyester (KL) is coated with a thin layer of aluminum on the top side of the media that dissipates the electrical charge of the powder. This anti-static treatment makes this cartridge the best choice to achieve effective pulse cleaning when static electricity buildup is a concern.

80/20 (PP) paper-poly blend cartridges

Chemco’s 80/20 blend (80% cellulose / 20% polyester) cartridges (PP) blend fine synthetic polyester fibers throughout the full depth of the this cellulose media which cannot be eroded away over the service life of the filter, unlike “melt-blown” media. Our 80/20 blend (PP) cartridges offer improved efficiency, moisture-resistance, and dust cake release without added pressure drop than do regular 100% cellulose style filters.

100% cellulose (PA) cartridges

Like all Chemco cartridges, our 100% cellulose (PA) filters are made with galvanized metal end caps to prevent oxidation in normal operating conditions and to withstand deterioration in the harshest industrial environments. As with 80/20 blend filters, our cellulose cartridges are made with 72% open expanded wire mesh outer screen support for added structural integrity. Chemco’s paper-style cartridges offer 99.995% average efficiency at 0.5 micron & above, and are very popular for spray-to-waste applications and for those users looking for the most economical filter choice.

OEM Replacements

Chemco manufactures custom designs, as well as replacement cartridges and upgrades for the following OEMs and more…

AAF                           Iontech
APC                           ITW/Gema             
Binks Sames               Nordson
Colmet                        Ramco
Deimco                       Torit-Donaldson 
Donaldson                   Wagner    
Farr                            Wheelabrator
Global Finishing                      


— Chemco offers protection of your business interests & markets
— Chemco offers lower costs, cartridges at 20-30 % less cost
— Chemco offers faster lead times, 24-48 hour delivery on most items
— Chemco offers 24-hour response to your inquiry or quote request
— Chemco offers private labeling on filters and boxes
— Chemco offers Exclusivity & Non-Disclosure agreements
— Chemco offers expert tech support and applications engineering


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Selecting a Chemco Powder Cartridge Filter — Features and Benefits


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