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Powder Cartridges

Chemco Manufacturing, a leader in the industrial filtration and spray booth maintenance supply industry, manufactures powder filter cartridges in all media styles and sizes to fit any powder coating system, including all the major OEM brands. A recent expansion of Chemco's facilities and increase in production capacity, now gives us the ability to have all stock and most custom items shipped in 24 hours, which means faster in-house delivery to our powder coating customers.

  • Nordson
  • Wagner
  • Torit-Donaldson
  • Donaldson
  • Binks Sames
  • Global Finishing
  • Wheelabrator
  • Deimco
  • Iontech
  • Ramco
  • APC
  • Farr
  • AAF
  • Colmet


Spun-bond Polyester Cartridges with Dual Simple Pleating Design

PTFE-Laminated Membrane Cartridges

Chemco's top of the line PTFE-laminated powder cartridges offer the best filtration technology money can buy. More...

NanoWeb powder cartridges

NanoWeb (NP) Cartridges

Chemco's new NanoWeb (NP) cartridge filter technology offers 0.3 to 0.5 micron nanofibers, setting a new standard in fractional ifficiency and extended service life for cartridge filtration. More...

NanoWeb Flame-Retardant

NanoWeb (NP) Cartridges Flame-Retardant

This cartridge features all the benefits of the NanoWeb but is flame-retardant. More...

Spun-bond Polyester Cartridges with Dual Simple Pleating Design

Spun-Bond Polyester (KC) Cartridges W/ Dual-Dimple Pleating Design

Chemco is one of the few manufacturers in today's cartridge filter market that offers 100% spun bond polyester media with the advanced "dual-dimple" pleat design. More...

Ho Poly Cartridges - Moisture Resistant

Hydro/Oleo-Phobic Polyester (KW) Moisture-Resistant

Chemco's hydro/oleo-phobic spunbond polyester media is treated with a fluorocarbon bath that provides an oil and water repellant to both the inside and outside surface of the media.More...

Aluminized Poly KL Anti-Static Cartridges

Aluminized Poly (KL) Anti-Static Cartridges

Chemco's aluminized spun-bond polyester is coated with a thin layer of aluminum on the top side of the media that dissipates the electrical charge of the powder. More...

80-20 Paper Poly Blend Cartridges

80/20 (PP) Paper Poly Blend Cartridges

Chemco's 80/20 (80% cellulose / 20% polyester) cartridges blend fine synthetic polyester fibers throughout the full depth of the cellulose media which cannot be eroded away over the service life of the filter, unlike "melt blown" or "nanofiber" media. More...

100 Percent Cellulose PA Cartridges

100% Cellulose (PA) Cartridges

Like all Chemco cartridges, our 100% cellulose filters are made with galvanized metal end caps to prevent oxidation in normal operating conditions and to withstand deterioration in the harshest industrial environments. More...

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