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Chemco's Mach II and Mach III Filters

Chemco makes EPA NESHAP compliance as easy as picking up your phone.

new EPA NESHAP regulations governing paint and coating filtration in aerospace manufacturing and rework facilities raise the standard significantly. And, of course, compliance is not optional. How do you meet the standards without wasting time and money, and creating a big hassle for yourself? You want to pick up the phone, order a filter and get on with your work. But who do you call?

Chemco, that's who. We've engineered two arrestor systems specifically to meet the new EPA regulations for the aerospace industry. With Chemco, you're assured of prompt delivery and no-hassle compliance.

Chemco Manufacturing has the filter systems that go to the EPA one better.

Our Mach II and Mach III three-stage arrestor systems exceed EPA requirements for all paint booth emissions covered by the new Method 319 testing standards. These filters are 99.95% efficient (fully loaded) at particle sizes where the EPA requires only 90% or 95% efficiency. So you can install a Chemco system and be assured that your facility is well within federal guidelines.

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Mach II... Efficiency and compliance for existing paint booth installations.

With Chemco's Mach II system, there's no need to reconfigure your filtration system to bring it into compliance. The Mach II two-stage wet paint booth filters deliver performance that's well within the new EPA NESHAP guidelines. It's a rugged system that's easy to install and available to ship today.

Mach III... Efficient filtration for new installations.

WIth an average efficiency of 99.95% and the ability to hold 5.84 lbs. of paint, the Mach III far exceeds EPA NESHAP requirements. It's the ideal system for new installations.

Mach II and Mach III arrestor systems... Built to last.

The Mach II and Mach III multi-stage arrestor systems are designed and constructed specifically to meet the new EPA standards for the aerospace industry.

Constructed around a rigid metal frame, both Mach II and Mach III filters feature durable polyester media that's put through a sophisticated heat sealing process to prevent pinholes and other flaws that could lead to premature failure. The final filters on both systems employ a multi-pocket baffle design for maximum efficiency and long life.

Efficiency, long life, competitive price. Features you expect from Chemco Manufacturing.


See Mach II EPA Certification (PDF)



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