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Dust Cartridges

Spun-Bond Polyester Cartridges W/ Dual-Dimple Pleating Design

Dust cartridge - spun-bond polyester dual simple pleating design

Chemco's spun-bond polyester (EC) dust cartridges are ideal for any applications where abrasion-resistant or high-strength media is required. Paper, cardboard, cement, cocoa, coffee, aluminum oxide and rubber grinding dust applications are ideal for this media style. Unlike most cartridge manufacturers, Chemco is one of the few sources in the dust collection market that offer 100% spun-bond polyester media with the advanced "dual-dimple" pleat design. This superior pleating technology substantially improves the overall performance and service life of spun-bond polyester media, even under heavy dust loading.By imparting the dual (opposing) dimples down the length of each individual pleat, uniform pleat spacing and full utilization of filter surface area is guaranteed, resulting in optimal cleaning capability of back purging cycles and lower pressure drop.

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100% Spun-bond Polyester W/ Dual Dimple Pleats Dust Cartridges

  • Available in most popular sizes and configurations
  • Highest quality polyester media available
  • Better airflow, higher efficiency level
  • Call your Chemco representative for details
Catalog Number Height Style O.D. ID SQ.FT. OEM Application
EC16BH079031 16" 0.54"BH 7.93" 3.63" 31 TORIT Moisture Resistant
Dust Collection
EC22BH079042 22" 0.675BH 7.93" 3.63" 42 TORIT
EC22BH092064 22" 0.94BH 9.25" 5.837" 64 TORIT
EC26OO127072 26" Open/Open 12.74" 8.375" 72 TORIT**
EC26BH127072 26" 0.54 BH 12.74" 8.375" 72 TORIT**
EC26OO138072 26" Open/Open 13.80" 9.50" 72 TORIT
EC28OO138078 28" Open/Open 13.80" 9.50" 78 AAF
EC30OO127083 26" Open/Open 12.74" 8.375" 83 UAS
EC30BH127083 30" 0.54 BH 12,74" 8.375" 72 UAS

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