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Intake Filters

AFR-1 - (Premium High Performance
Air Filter)

Intake Filters - AF - (Fiberglass with Cardboard Frame)

AFR-1 filter panels and media represent the latest advances in filtration technology for automotive spray painting applications.

These filters are engineered to assure superior performance for all crossdraft and semi-down-draft style paint booths. AFR-1 panels and blankets offer the ideal combination of maximum efficiency (for absolutely defect-free finishes), extremely high dust holding capacity (for economical operation and long life), and low resistance to airflow, for ideal air velocity in the paint booth.

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AFR-1 - (Premium High Performance) Intake Filters

  • 99.998% efficient on 10 micron particles!
  • Class 2 Rated for continuous operation up to 200°F
  • Contains no silicone or fiberglass agents
  • Engineered operating range - up to 200 FPM air flow velocity
Catalog Number Size Application
AFR-1 Panels or Blankets All standard and custom sizes available All crossdraft and
semi-down-draft style paint booths.

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