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Intake Filters

FF-560 GX - (Diffusion Media Air Filter)

Intake Filters - FF-560 GX - (Diffusion Media Air Filter)

FF-560 GX Diffusion Media are synthetic fiber-based nonwoven filter products developed and manufactured at Filtrair's own high-tech production facility. The filter media are constructed from selected high performance fine denier fibers in a gradient density multi-layering technique to ensure high depth loading with optimal lowest pressure drop performance.

These media are thermally bonded and impregnated in full depth with a proprietary adhesive coating to prevent any release of fibers and migration of paint-damaging particles larger than 5 microns due to vibration of the system, even under varying temperature conditions. The clean air side is particularly dense and reinforced with a supporting woven open-mesh scrim. This results in a long filter life, high fractional efficiency, prevention of particle migration and reduced energy and maintenance costs.

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FF-560 GX - (Diffusion Media) Intake Filters

  • Available in most popular sizes and styles
  • Approved by major automotive manufacturers
  • Special adhesive prevents release of fibers and migration of particles less than 5 microns
  • Uniform air distribution throughout spray booth
Catalog Number Size Application
FF-560 GX All standard and custom sizes available Spray paint booth ceilings and down-draft spray cabins.

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