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Powder Cartridges

NanoWeb (NP) Cartridge Flame Retardant

Powder cartridge - NanoWeb (NP) Cartridge Flame Retardant

Chemco's new NanoWeb (NP) cartridge filter technology offers 0.3 to 0.5 micron nanofibers, setting a new standard in fractional efficiency and extended service life for cartridge filtration. Offering near PTFE-membrane performance characteristics at only one-third the cost. Chemco's NanoWeb powder cartridge filters are the ideal choice for powder reclaim operations. Nanofiber filtration would also be beneficial for powder coaters where heavy dust loading or finer micron-sized powder can lead to cartridge binding and shorter service life (i.e. users spraying black-colored powder or powder-coating operations equipped with combination cyclone/cartridge-style collection systems.) Chemco's NanoWeb-coated filter media -- our latest innovation in cartridge filter technology -- offers significantly greater fractional efficiency, extended filter life and longer maintenance service intervals than do untreated substrates. When compared to the more fragile nanofibers that some manufacturers are still producing using an electrospinning process, Chemco's new and improved nanoWeb fibers are stronger and more durable, allowing it to withstand more stringent pulse-cleaning conditions.

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NanoWeb (NP) Cartridge Flame Retardant

Catalog Number Height Style OD ID Sq/Ft
NF26OO127200 26" Open/Open 12.74" 8.375" 200
NF26OC127200 26" Open/Closed 12.74" 8.375" 200
NF26BH127200 26" Bolt Hole(0.54") 12.74" 8.375" 200
NF26OO138217 26" Open/Open 13.8" 9.50" 217
NF26OC138217 26" Open\Closed 13.8" 9.50" 217
NF26BH138217 26" Bolt Hole(0.54") 13.8" 9.50" 217
NF36OO127275 36" Open\Open 12.74" 8.375" 275
NF36OC127275 36" Open\Closed 12.74" 8.375" 275
NF36BH127275 36" Bolt Hole(0.54") 12.74" 8.375" 275
NF36OO138300 36" Open/Open 13.8" 9.50" 300
NF36OC138300 36" Open/Closed 13.8" 9.50" 300
NF36BH138300 36" Bolt Hole(0.54") 13.8" 9.50" 300

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